This is just not my week…

28 Jan

Ugh.  That about sums it up.  Just plain old Ugh.  This has quite honestly been one of the worst weeks I can recall.  I have never been so happy to see a weekend arrive.  Here’s how it all went down:

Monday– The hub wakes up & he is sick.  Man-sick.  Sick as in “I-know-you-just-had-this-same-thing-and-you-managed-just-fine-but-now-I-have-it-and-I-am-on-my-death-bed” kinda sick.  I try–I really try to be helpful & sympathetic.  I offer Tylenol Cold & Sinus.  I offer Dayquil.  I offer a cup of tea.   I am met with a grumpy & stuffy, “Doe.  Done of dings work for be.”   Fine.   

Tuesday– My plans for the day are cancelled when the still-sick Hub calls to inform me that his brakes went out.  On the way to work. (Insert heart pounding moment here.)  “But I made it!” he declares.   Well, that’s fabulous.  “Can you bring the tools in my black tool box?” he asks.  “Sure,” I reply.  I get the little man ready & head down to the Hub’s work with the black tool box tools, a spare change of work-on-a-truck clothes & a smile.  I am happy to help.  He seems pleased until he looks frantically around the car & says, “These are from the black tool box.  I need the tools from the black tool chest. ”  I drive back home, head back down to Hub’s work with the black tool chest tools–this time, no smile.  I am not the happiest wife for the rest of the day.   (Luckily though… the truck got shiny-new brakes.  Brakes that stop.  Hooray. AND I was able to have a lovely dinner with three lovely friends that evening.  Hooray.)

Wednesday– Hub realizes that his cell phone is in the truck that he borrowed & has now returned.  Bah.  He informs me via email that he one of his friends is coming over to work on computer stuff.  I suggest the friend should come for dinner.  Hub agrees that is a wonderful idea.  I spend a lengthy amount of time creating a truly fabulous meal– breaded chicken & from-scratch mac&cheese.  During the part of the recipe that specifically states: “Do not let this part burn,” of course, my little man decides it is a wonderful time to have an out-of-diaper experience (O.O.D.E.)–one so bad, in fact, that it requires a full bath.  I try to call Tyler, to see if perhaps we could reschedule this little get-together (due to the O.O.D.E. & clean up process)–and realize that, oh yes, he doesn’t have his phone.  Grrrrreat.  I pull through victoriously though.  Clean, happy baby.  Scrumptious breaded chicken.  To die for mac & cheese.  Mission accomplished.  Bring on the company.  Enter husband.  (s.t.i.l.l. sick.)  He tells me, in his nasaliest voice that he is too sick to have anyone comeover.  He calls to cancel while I throw my Fiestaware plates into the cupboard loudly & say not-nice things under my breath quietly. 

Thursday– I wake up excited.  Today is the day for the much anticipated Crafternoon with Colleen.  My mom has graciously offered to watch the little man & I have a free day.  All day!  I gather my goodies, drop off the baby & head to the fabric store to pick up just a few more items.  I find some very cute fabric & head to the check out line.  What’s this, though?  My debit card isn’t working?   Can’t be.  I just deposited money yesterday.  I can tell the cashier woman is pretending to believe me.  I leave & call the hub to do some investigating.  “Oh,” he says.  “Oh?” I ask.  “Oh, sorry.  I didn’t check the balance before I took out the money to pay for my shiny-new brakes.” (He does not really say shiny or new.)  “I think you need to go to the bank,” he tells me.  “But my crafternoon!” I yelp.  “Don’t you think this is more important?” he asks.  I realize he is right.  Annoying, but right.  I breakdown.  Not my car.  My physical, emotional self.  It crumbles then & there.  “This is the worst week EVER!” I sob.  I take care of my banking & therefore have much less time to spend with my crafternoon friend.  I realize that I have forgotten to bring the snacks I promised to bring.  Colleen gives me cinnamon tea & pizzelles anyway.  My mind is elsewhere while I am cutting the material & I forget to leave seam-allowance.  I try to fix my botched-up project later & end up ruining it more.  I give up & declare it a failure.  I don’t even stay up to watch the office.

Friday–  My eyes open & I realize that is finally–FINALLY Friday.  The end of this miserable week.  Nothing bad can happen on a Friday, right?  I decide to make chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the ending of this super-craptastic week.  I lay out all of my ingredients & go to check on my sweet napping baby.  I return to find my dog & an empty bag of chocolate chips.  I remember that chocolate can kill a dog & evaluate my feelings.  Yup, even after this, I’d still feel bad if she died.  I call the hub at work (because he is still sans-cell phone) to inform him.  “Oh, she’ll probably just throw up.”  Great.  Nothing like vomit to make my day better.  Luckily, I find a spare bag of chocolate chips in my cupboard.  I continue on with making the cookies.  The same cookies that were declared “amazing” by my husband the last time I made them.  “They taste like they’re made out of whipped cream & love,” he told me.  Really.  He really said that.  However, he won’t be saying it this time around…. No, because this time, using the same recipe, same oven, same timer, same everything…. this batch of cookies is burnt to a crisp.  Ugh.

Fingers crossed that things (inlcuding my sick hub) will get better this weekend.  If not, I’m running away.  Far, far away.


One Response to “This is just not my week…”

  1. Paperlicious Girls February 3, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    So sorry about your week! Your Monday reminds me SO much of my husband when he is sick, cracked me up! Thanks so much for stopping by and entering the giveaway for my etsy shop RosiePosieDesigns!!!!

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