Colin’s Adorable Sock Monkey-Themed First Birthday Bash

14 Feb

When Tiffany contacted me about a customized Sock Monkey theme for her little guy’s first birthday bash, I was thrilled.  Not only because I love personalizing my designs, but also because she wanted to incorporate polka dots!  Oh, how I do love polka dots.  She also let me know that she wanted a matching banner & high chair banner to go with the cupcake toppers for Colin’s party.  Tiffany was so sweet & easy to work with.  As our transaction ended, I told her that I’d love to see pics from the big day after all was said & done. 

Well, lo & behold…I was over the moon when I opened my email yesterday to find photos of the fabulous party she threw.  She sent so many wonderful pictures–these are just my favorites!  I wish I could have posted all of them though.

Take a look at what this creative momma came up with!  (Click any image to see a larger version.)

(Banner & Cupcake toppers by OneSwellStudio)

The food table for Colin’s party.    Check out that spread!  I am getting hungry just looking at it!  That red/light blue/brown color combination is at the top of my favorite color schemes list these days.  It makes a geat color combo for a little boy’s party!

(Cupcake toppers by OneSwellStudio)Look at those sweet little cupcakes!  The colors are perfect and oh, that icing looks simply divine!  🙂  And can we just talk about the adorable sock monkey puppets?  She had the kids at the party make them as an activity.  How perfect are those?!?  I bet the guests loved making them.

(High Chair Banner by OneSwellStudio)

This is where the birthday boy had his cake & ate it too!  Before talking to Tiffany, I had never even heard of a high-chair banner.  And now, I must say, I don’t think I can imagine a first birthday party without one!  (I love that she added coordinating curling ribbon to the ends!)  And check out the monkey ears on that party hat!  {Swoon!}

For another party activity, Tiffany placed Banana Nut Cheerios in a decorative glass canister (adorned with a large sock monkey party circle!) & had guests guess how many Cheerios were inside.  The winner recieved banana hazelnut coffee grinds from a local bakery (Seriously Tiffany, you are my kinda gal). 

If I had been at this party, I would have had a really tough time taking a bite out of one of those money face cupcakes!  They’re just sooooo cute!  Tiffany got the idea from a cupcake article in Parents magazine.    You can make your own by following the recipe found here.

  Tiffany even pulled the sock monkey theme into the plates/cups/napkins/utensils station for Colin’s party.  Notice that there wasn’t a character plate, cup or napkin in sight–yet the sock monkey vibe flowed throughout the entire party.  (I am loving the monkey labels on the baskets.)  

I’ve found that it’s so much easier for guests to grab pre-assembled utensils wrapped in a napkin so they’re not juggling a plate of food, a drink & a spoon, a knife, a fork & a napkin.  Tiffany wrapped her utensils up in matching red napkins (with super-adorable coordinating polka dot ribbon!) to make things a little easier for the party guests.  Thoughtful & stylish.  🙂 

Thanks so much for sharing  Colin’s first birthday party, Tiffany!  It’s always a treat for me to see my designs “in action!” 

If you got your party designs from One Swell Studio (or Oh My Dot!) and want them featured here, send your party photos to me(!   I’d love to showcase your party!    I can’t wait to hear from you!


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