A Raggedy Ann Themed Party for My Mom

18 Feb

My mom’s birthday is coming up in exactly one week.  If I had been around to throw her a birthday party when she was a girl (in a total Back-to-the-Future kinda way), this is the party she would have most-certainly have had.  She’s collected Raggedy Ann & Andy items since I can remember… probably since she can remember.  In fact, when naming me, I got my mom’s middle name, Lou, coupled with Ann (a la Raggedy Ann).  Lou-Ann.  Neat, huh.  Welp, now that you know my middle name … I think it’s time to focus on the party details.

Let’s start with the cake, shall we?  Gah!  Can you even believe this is a cake?!?  Amazing Grace Cakes in Massachusetts came up with this little beauty.  I love her.  I wouldn’t be able to take a single bite.  She’s too darn cute!

This is the invitation I dreamed up for my Raggedy Ann themed tea party– I think it would totally be a tea party kinda party, don’t you?  My favorite part is how the wording looks as though it’s been stitched.  (Invitation by OneSwellStudio)

Oh, and what would the birthday girl have in her wardrobe for this little shin-dig?  Fabulous Etsy finds, of course!  I am love-love-loving the sweet nautical frock by KrissysWonders.   And the little retro felt rag doll hair clips by FeltingMamas are ahhh-dorable!  My mom ACTUALLY has the same necklace that is featured in SheLuvsFabric’s shop!  And, oh… can you get over this outfit from Hollywo6?!?  It comes in just about every size too!  I am a little partial to the Raggedy Ann set from MandMCreations— I am digging the 3D ribbon hair.  The Raggedy Ann hair bow from PrettyBowtique is just too cute to pass up.  These would make incredible favors for all the little girls at the party, too!  And while we’re talking about hair accessories… I could not leave out BabyKDesign’s adorable aqua & red headband.  That little flower is precious!

Now, if you’re a Do-It-Yourself-er, you’ll probably be pretty excited about this little baby.  I let out a squeal of joy when I saw her.  She’s from 1971.  And I want her to come to my house to live.  I would bake a Raggedy Ann cake once a week.  Oh, JITT (it stands for Junk In The Trunk– I love it!), you might be hearing from me soon.

And what would I get my child-mom?   (Seriously, weird, but you know what I mean.)  Well, to match one of her adorable little outfits, I’d have to get her this coordinating little lunch box.  I bet she’d pretty much love it.  I know I would.  I’d also handmake her a Raggedy Ann doll (because honestly, if I’m talented enough to travel back in time for this little scenario, I’d also be way talented in the ways of sewing.  Way talented.)

These party circles from OneSwellStudio would be fantastic on cupcake wrappers & favors (see next picture for more details!)– again, I love that stitched font!

Next, come the fun stuff!  I’d use this cute little stamp from DragonFlyBuzz to decorate all the invitation envelopes–just for an extra touch.  And that banner–I’d NEED that banner.  It’s from BlueMoonStudios and is simply swoon-able.  I’d order coordinating cupcake liners from SweetEstelle because they’re just so gosh darn adorable!  For favors, I’d give Raggedy Ann sugar cookies (by QueenofTartsCakes) wrapped in red & white polka dot bags (from PebblesInMyPocket) & tied with fabulous red & white bakers twine (from Zany) & topped petite little kraft tags (also by Zany).

There you have it.  The ultimate birthday for my fabulous mom.  ♥

 Happy (early) Birthday, Mom!!!


One Response to “A Raggedy Ann Themed Party for My Mom”

  1. mom February 19, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    Actually grandma Norma used to have the Ann AND Andy cake pans—she made those cakes for our wedding rehearsal dinner!

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