I BELIEVE IN: All things retro, Staying up too late, Wearing flip flops til it’s snowing, Finding songs that make up the soundtrack of your life, Good friends… Really cute shoes (Going barefoot as often as possible though) Being classy, Surprises (giving AND getting them!), Holding my baby until he’s fast asleep, Living well, laughing often and loving much, Gut instincts, Spelling everything correctly, Listening to the advice your mom gives you, Singing in the shower, the car and when you’re home alone, No regrets, Caramel apples, Redneck tendencies, Dancing despite my lack of rhythm, Not taking EVERYTHING so seriously, Being spontaneous, Wishing on shooting stars, 11:11, necklace clasps, and pennies, The fact that everything has a reason behind it, First impressions, Giving people nicknames they don’t know about, Reruns, Taking chances, Laughing until you cry, Telling your best friend every little detail, Having more than one favorite song, Finding the perfect little black dress, Finding the guts to tell someone you admire them, Being a nerd (sometimes). Having more fun than you really ought to be having.


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