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New Girl Scout Cookie Flavors– Cupcake-ified!

18 Jan

Girl Scout Cookies New Flavors Poke Cupcakes

Hey, hey!  I’m over on Pizzazzerie today with a fun way to cupcake-ify those new Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

Swing on over to check it out.  Your tummy will thank you!  🙂



A Raggedy Ann Themed Party for My Mom

18 Feb

My mom’s birthday is coming up in exactly one week.  If I had been around to throw her a birthday party when she was a girl (in a total Back-to-the-Future kinda way), this is the party she would have most-certainly have had.  She’s collected Raggedy Ann & Andy items since I can remember… probably since she can remember.  In fact, when naming me, I got my mom’s middle name, Lou, coupled with Ann (a la Raggedy Ann).  Lou-Ann.  Neat, huh.  Welp, now that you know my middle name … I think it’s time to focus on the party details.

Let’s start with the cake, shall we?  Gah!  Can you even believe this is a cake?!?  Amazing Grace Cakes in Massachusetts came up with this little beauty.  I love her.  I wouldn’t be able to take a single bite.  She’s too darn cute!

This is the invitation I dreamed up for my Raggedy Ann themed tea party– I think it would totally be a tea party kinda party, don’t you?  My favorite part is how the wording looks as though it’s been stitched.  (Invitation by OneSwellStudio)

Oh, and what would the birthday girl have in her wardrobe for this little shin-dig?  Fabulous Etsy finds, of course!  I am love-love-loving the sweet nautical frock by KrissysWonders.   And the little retro felt rag doll hair clips by FeltingMamas are ahhh-dorable!  My mom ACTUALLY has the same necklace that is featured in SheLuvsFabric’s shop!  And, oh… can you get over this outfit from Hollywo6?!?  It comes in just about every size too!  I am a little partial to the Raggedy Ann set from MandMCreations— I am digging the 3D ribbon hair.  The Raggedy Ann hair bow from PrettyBowtique is just too cute to pass up.  These would make incredible favors for all the little girls at the party, too!  And while we’re talking about hair accessories… I could not leave out BabyKDesign’s adorable aqua & red headband.  That little flower is precious!

Now, if you’re a Do-It-Yourself-er, you’ll probably be pretty excited about this little baby.  I let out a squeal of joy when I saw her.  She’s from 1971.  And I want her to come to my house to live.  I would bake a Raggedy Ann cake once a week.  Oh, JITT (it stands for Junk In The Trunk– I love it!), you might be hearing from me soon.

And what would I get my child-mom?   (Seriously, weird, but you know what I mean.)  Well, to match one of her adorable little outfits, I’d have to get her this coordinating little lunch box.  I bet she’d pretty much love it.  I know I would.  I’d also handmake her a Raggedy Ann doll (because honestly, if I’m talented enough to travel back in time for this little scenario, I’d also be way talented in the ways of sewing.  Way talented.)

These party circles from OneSwellStudio would be fantastic on cupcake wrappers & favors (see next picture for more details!)– again, I love that stitched font!

Next, come the fun stuff!  I’d use this cute little stamp from DragonFlyBuzz to decorate all the invitation envelopes–just for an extra touch.  And that banner–I’d NEED that banner.  It’s from BlueMoonStudios and is simply swoon-able.  I’d order coordinating cupcake liners from SweetEstelle because they’re just so gosh darn adorable!  For favors, I’d give Raggedy Ann sugar cookies (by QueenofTartsCakes) wrapped in red & white polka dot bags (from PebblesInMyPocket) & tied with fabulous red & white bakers twine (from Zany) & topped petite little kraft tags (also by Zany).

There you have it.  The ultimate birthday for my fabulous mom.  ♥

 Happy (early) Birthday, Mom!!!

Colin’s Adorable Sock Monkey-Themed First Birthday Bash

14 Feb

When Tiffany contacted me about a customized Sock Monkey theme for her little guy’s first birthday bash, I was thrilled.  Not only because I love personalizing my designs, but also because she wanted to incorporate polka dots!  Oh, how I do love polka dots.  She also let me know that she wanted a matching banner & high chair banner to go with the cupcake toppers for Colin’s party.  Tiffany was so sweet & easy to work with.  As our transaction ended, I told her that I’d love to see pics from the big day after all was said & done. 

Well, lo & behold…I was over the moon when I opened my email yesterday to find photos of the fabulous party she threw.  She sent so many wonderful pictures–these are just my favorites!  I wish I could have posted all of them though.

Take a look at what this creative momma came up with!  (Click any image to see a larger version.)

(Banner & Cupcake toppers by OneSwellStudio)

The food table for Colin’s party.    Check out that spread!  I am getting hungry just looking at it!  That red/light blue/brown color combination is at the top of my favorite color schemes list these days.  It makes a geat color combo for a little boy’s party!

(Cupcake toppers by OneSwellStudio)Look at those sweet little cupcakes!  The colors are perfect and oh, that icing looks simply divine!  🙂  And can we just talk about the adorable sock monkey puppets?  She had the kids at the party make them as an activity.  How perfect are those?!?  I bet the guests loved making them.

(High Chair Banner by OneSwellStudio)

This is where the birthday boy had his cake & ate it too!  Before talking to Tiffany, I had never even heard of a high-chair banner.  And now, I must say, I don’t think I can imagine a first birthday party without one!  (I love that she added coordinating curling ribbon to the ends!)  And check out the monkey ears on that party hat!  {Swoon!}

For another party activity, Tiffany placed Banana Nut Cheerios in a decorative glass canister (adorned with a large sock monkey party circle!) & had guests guess how many Cheerios were inside.  The winner recieved banana hazelnut coffee grinds from a local bakery (Seriously Tiffany, you are my kinda gal). 

If I had been at this party, I would have had a really tough time taking a bite out of one of those money face cupcakes!  They’re just sooooo cute!  Tiffany got the idea from a cupcake article in Parents magazine.    You can make your own by following the recipe found here.

  Tiffany even pulled the sock monkey theme into the plates/cups/napkins/utensils station for Colin’s party.  Notice that there wasn’t a character plate, cup or napkin in sight–yet the sock monkey vibe flowed throughout the entire party.  (I am loving the monkey labels on the baskets.)  

I’ve found that it’s so much easier for guests to grab pre-assembled utensils wrapped in a napkin so they’re not juggling a plate of food, a drink & a spoon, a knife, a fork & a napkin.  Tiffany wrapped her utensils up in matching red napkins (with super-adorable coordinating polka dot ribbon!) to make things a little easier for the party guests.  Thoughtful & stylish.  🙂 

Thanks so much for sharing  Colin’s first birthday party, Tiffany!  It’s always a treat for me to see my designs “in action!” 

If you got your party designs from One Swell Studio (or Oh My Dot!) and want them featured here, send your party photos to me(!   I’d love to showcase your party!    I can’t wait to hear from you!

Two-Tone Valentine Cookies

11 Feb

I’ve been struggling with a bout of insomnia lately.  My baby is sleeping soundly through the night, yet I’m not.  It was during one of my 12:30-4:30AM stints that I first thought of this little cookie experiment.  My original intent was to make two-tone cookies with colored H’s & 1″s inside “regular” sugar cookie dough for Hudson’s first birthday party (yes, I realize it’s still several months away… I’m a planner.  Besides, that issue is a completely separate blog post…)  Also, would H cookies & 1 cookies next to each other make anyone think of H1N1?  (I worry about these sorts of things in the wee hours of the morning.)

Here’s my Valentine’s Day version… just in time for you to whip up by Monday.  🙂

Make some yummy sugar cookie dough (make sure it’s the cut out kind!)  I like this recipe from Martha Stewart.    Take 1/3 of the dough and add food coloring.  I used the Wilton gel kind.  Make sure you knead the dough to get all the coloring evenly dispersed.  Cut out a circle and then use a small heart-shaped cutter to remove the inside.

Cut out small hearts from the pink dough using the same small heart cutter as in the first step.

Pleace the pink heart inside the circle shape with the heart shaped cutout.  Use your fingertips to lightly press the doughs together.  Lightly.  Don’t smoosh it.

Enlist the help of your very cute assistant.  (Oh, and this wisk was not, in any way, used during this recipe.  Except as a baby microphone. “Stop! In the naaaame of looooove.  Before you breaaaak my heart.  Think it o-o-over…)

Place the two tone cookies on a baking sheet sprayed with PAM (I used PAM Baking).  Be careful when transferring the dough to the baking sheet– I had one fall apart on me.  (Please don’t judge my cookie sheets.  They’re well-loved.  Does anyone know how to keep a cookie sheet looking new & not-so-gross?)  Sprinkle sugar (granulated or fancy–you choose) on the top of each cookie.

Watch ‘Sid the Science Kid’ with your dancing assistant while you wait for the cookies to bake.  We love Sid.  (Gerald, on the other hand… well, he’s a different story.)

When the timer goes off, take the cookies out of the oven & let ’em cool for 2-3 minutes.  (Two or three minutes is the perfect amount of time to stand back & admire these adorable little lovelies.)

Oh!  Go ahead & roll those little cut out hearts in some pink sugar & bake those up too!  They’re too cute to resist!  Put ’em all together for a delicious little Valentine’s day treat!

Just for fun, I packaged a two-tone cookie with a mini-heart-cutout cookie.  They turned out super cute (if I do say so myself) & those will be Hudson’s very first Valentines.  🙂

This is just not my week…

28 Jan

Ugh.  That about sums it up.  Just plain old Ugh.  This has quite honestly been one of the worst weeks I can recall.  I have never been so happy to see a weekend arrive.  Here’s how it all went down:

Monday– The hub wakes up & he is sick.  Man-sick.  Sick as in “I-know-you-just-had-this-same-thing-and-you-managed-just-fine-but-now-I-have-it-and-I-am-on-my-death-bed” kinda sick.  I try–I really try to be helpful & sympathetic.  I offer Tylenol Cold & Sinus.  I offer Dayquil.  I offer a cup of tea.   I am met with a grumpy & stuffy, “Doe.  Done of dings work for be.”   Fine.   

Tuesday– My plans for the day are cancelled when the still-sick Hub calls to inform me that his brakes went out.  On the way to work. (Insert heart pounding moment here.)  “But I made it!” he declares.   Well, that’s fabulous.  “Can you bring the tools in my black tool box?” he asks.  “Sure,” I reply.  I get the little man ready & head down to the Hub’s work with the black tool box tools, a spare change of work-on-a-truck clothes & a smile.  I am happy to help.  He seems pleased until he looks frantically around the car & says, “These are from the black tool box.  I need the tools from the black tool chest. ”  I drive back home, head back down to Hub’s work with the black tool chest tools–this time, no smile.  I am not the happiest wife for the rest of the day.   (Luckily though… the truck got shiny-new brakes.  Brakes that stop.  Hooray. AND I was able to have a lovely dinner with three lovely friends that evening.  Hooray.)

Wednesday– Hub realizes that his cell phone is in the truck that he borrowed & has now returned.  Bah.  He informs me via email that he one of his friends is coming over to work on computer stuff.  I suggest the friend should come for dinner.  Hub agrees that is a wonderful idea.  I spend a lengthy amount of time creating a truly fabulous meal– breaded chicken & from-scratch mac&cheese.  During the part of the recipe that specifically states: “Do not let this part burn,” of course, my little man decides it is a wonderful time to have an out-of-diaper experience (O.O.D.E.)–one so bad, in fact, that it requires a full bath.  I try to call Tyler, to see if perhaps we could reschedule this little get-together (due to the O.O.D.E. & clean up process)–and realize that, oh yes, he doesn’t have his phone.  Grrrrreat.  I pull through victoriously though.  Clean, happy baby.  Scrumptious breaded chicken.  To die for mac & cheese.  Mission accomplished.  Bring on the company.  Enter husband.  (s.t.i.l.l. sick.)  He tells me, in his nasaliest voice that he is too sick to have anyone comeover.  He calls to cancel while I throw my Fiestaware plates into the cupboard loudly & say not-nice things under my breath quietly. 

Thursday– I wake up excited.  Today is the day for the much anticipated Crafternoon with Colleen.  My mom has graciously offered to watch the little man & I have a free day.  All day!  I gather my goodies, drop off the baby & head to the fabric store to pick up just a few more items.  I find some very cute fabric & head to the check out line.  What’s this, though?  My debit card isn’t working?   Can’t be.  I just deposited money yesterday.  I can tell the cashier woman is pretending to believe me.  I leave & call the hub to do some investigating.  “Oh,” he says.  “Oh?” I ask.  “Oh, sorry.  I didn’t check the balance before I took out the money to pay for my shiny-new brakes.” (He does not really say shiny or new.)  “I think you need to go to the bank,” he tells me.  “But my crafternoon!” I yelp.  “Don’t you think this is more important?” he asks.  I realize he is right.  Annoying, but right.  I breakdown.  Not my car.  My physical, emotional self.  It crumbles then & there.  “This is the worst week EVER!” I sob.  I take care of my banking & therefore have much less time to spend with my crafternoon friend.  I realize that I have forgotten to bring the snacks I promised to bring.  Colleen gives me cinnamon tea & pizzelles anyway.  My mind is elsewhere while I am cutting the material & I forget to leave seam-allowance.  I try to fix my botched-up project later & end up ruining it more.  I give up & declare it a failure.  I don’t even stay up to watch the office.

Friday–  My eyes open & I realize that is finally–FINALLY Friday.  The end of this miserable week.  Nothing bad can happen on a Friday, right?  I decide to make chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the ending of this super-craptastic week.  I lay out all of my ingredients & go to check on my sweet napping baby.  I return to find my dog & an empty bag of chocolate chips.  I remember that chocolate can kill a dog & evaluate my feelings.  Yup, even after this, I’d still feel bad if she died.  I call the hub at work (because he is still sans-cell phone) to inform him.  “Oh, she’ll probably just throw up.”  Great.  Nothing like vomit to make my day better.  Luckily, I find a spare bag of chocolate chips in my cupboard.  I continue on with making the cookies.  The same cookies that were declared “amazing” by my husband the last time I made them.  “They taste like they’re made out of whipped cream & love,” he told me.  Really.  He really said that.  However, he won’t be saying it this time around…. No, because this time, using the same recipe, same oven, same timer, same everything…. this batch of cookies is burnt to a crisp.  Ugh.

Fingers crossed that things (inlcuding my sick hub) will get better this weekend.  If not, I’m running away.  Far, far away.

Here We Go!

17 Jan
In honor of the Steelers rocking the playoff game against the Ravens, I’m posting “The Pittsburgh Bucket List.” One hundred things that you need to do in order to call yourself a true Pittsburgh-er.  I put an X beside the ones that I’ve accomplished so far.  There are lots more that I’d love to do & a few that I probably won’t– (I think it’s too late for number 75).  How many could you check off?
Here we go!
1) ( X) You’ve gone to a Steeler game
2) ( ) You skipped school to go to the Pirates home opener. I never skipped school.  Not even on Senior Skip Day. 
3) ( X) Been on a date in Pittsburgh.
4) ( ) Been to a Penguins Stanley Cup playoff game.

5) ( X) Been to a Pirates game.

6) ( ) Been to a Pitt football or basketball game.
7) ( X) Took a picture of Pittsburgh from a Mt. Washington overlook.
8) ( X) Been in, or even on the ledge of the fountain at Point State Park.
9) ( X) Been lost some where in Pittsburgh.  More than once.  I am directionally impaired.  I usually can’t find my way out of a wet paper bag.
10) ( ) Saw the buffalo herd at South Park.  There are buffalo in South Park!?!  I gotta see this!
11) ( ) Attended the “free” fair at South Park Fairgrounds.
12) (X ) Visited Washington, PA.
13) ( X) Swam in one of the 3 rivers.
14) ( ) Been to the 3 Rivers Arts Festival.
15) ( X) Experienced local live music.
16) ( X) Eaten a Primanti’s sandwich. Yum!  Primanti’s!
17) ( ) Eaten at the “O”.
18) ( ) Been to the top of the US Steel Building.
19) ( ) Been to the top of the Cathedral of Learning.
20) ( ) Spent a night at 7 Springs.
21) (X ) Been “down Market Square”.
22) ( ) Attended 1 of 6 Steelers Super Bowl Parades.  Not yet, but if they win this year, I’M GOING!  Who’s with me?!?!
23) ( X) Partied in the Strip District.
24) ( ) Toured the Iron City Brewery.

25) ( ) Drank an Iron.
26) ( X) Explored the Carnegie Science Center.
27) ( ) Saw the trains at Buhl Planeterium.
28) ( X) Been to the Pittsburgh Zoo.
29) ( X) Been to Station Square.
30) ( ) Watched the Car Races at Schenley Park.
31) ( ) Seen a concert at Hartwood Acres.
32)(X ) Been fishing in the 3 rivers.
33 (X ) Held your breath driving through any Pittsburgh tunnel.   I am the reigning champion of tunnel-breath-holding.
34) ( X) Been called or called someone a “jagoff”.  I have a shirt with the definition of a jagoff.  I’m counting this.
35 ( X) Been to a non-athletic event at Mellon Arena.
36 ( ) Been to a Steeler game at Forbes Field.
37)( ) Been to a Steeler game at Pitt Stadium.
38) ( X) Been to a rock concert at 3 Rivers Stadium.  NSync = Rock concert.  Yes?
39) ( X) Been to Heinz Field.  I’ve even been on a tour with my third graders a few years ago.  Awesome & highly recommended!
40) ( ) Partied on the South Side.
41) ( ) Shopped on Walnut Street.
42) (X ) Enjoyed the beauty of Falling Water.
43) ( ) Went white water rafting at Ohiopyle
44) (X ) Scaled Mount Washington on the incline.  I hate when they tell you how old the incline is when you’re about halfway up on a tour.  Yeesh.
45) ( X) Been on a cruise on one of the Gateway Clipper fleet boats.  Oh, the BCCC Dinner/Dance.
46) ( ) Been on a “Just Ducky” tour bus.
47) ( ) Traveled the city by trolley.
48) ( ) Traveled the city by PAT bus.
49) ( X) Seen the Pittsburgh Ballet.
50) ( ) Seen the Pittsburgh Symphony
51) ( X) Been to Kennywood Park.

52) (X ) Eaten fries at “The Potato Patch”.
53) ( ) Rode the “Racing Whippet” at West View Park.
54) ( X) Truly believe in the power of the Terrible Towel.  It’s magical.  True story.
55) ( ) Hiked or camped in the State Game lands
56) ( ) Seen a movie being filmed in Pittsburgh.
57) ( X) Been to Cleveland.
58 ( X) Been to State College.
59)( ) Used a bike or motorcycle for transportation in the Burgh.
60)( X) Fed Pigeons downtown.  I have also been chased by a rogue goose downtown.  We were on a field trip.  My students found it hilarious.
61) ( ) Been to the Pittsburgh Aviary.  I was supposed to go on a field trip to the Aviary in fourth grade.  I pretended to be sick so I wouldn’t have to go.  Birds seriously creep me out.
62) ( ) Seen the flowers at Phipps Conservatory.
63) ( ) Participated in First Night.
64) (X ) Watched planes take off from the airport.
65) ( ) Been ice skating on a pond/lake/river that is not an ice rink.
66) ( ) Been water-skiing on the three rivers.
67) (X ) Been to Hidden Valley.
68) ( ) Met a movie or tv star in Pittsburgh.
69 (X ) Been to Zelienople.
70) ( ) Swam in Lake Arthur.
71) ( ) Fished in North Park Lake.
72) ( ) Been to the Andy Warhol museum.
73) (X ) Been to the Carnegie Museum.
74) ( ) Parented a child in Pittsburgh.
75) ( ) Married in Pittsburgh.
76) ( ) Will never leave Pittsburgh (other than for a vacation).
77) ( ) Born in Pittsburgh.
78) ( ) Driven through the Blue Mountain Tunnel on the turnpike.
79) (X ) Been to Lake Erie.
80) (X ) Been to a drive-in.
81) (X ) Enjoy Islay’s “chipped ham”.
82) ( ) You’ve owned a house in Pittsburgh.
83) ( ) You attented a high school football game on a Friday night in Pittsburgh.
84) ( ) You attended at least 10 Pirate games over the last 17 years.
85) ( X) You saw a home Steeler playoff game.  Saw it, yes.  On television.
86) ( ) You saw the Pirates play a World Series game.
87) (X) You attended a Steelers training camp at St. Vincent’s.
88) ( ) You attended a Pirates spring training game in Bradenton.
89) ( ) You attended a Penguins practice at Southpointe Ice-o-plex.
90) ( X) Rode the Thunderbolt at Kennywood.
91) ( ) Toured the Heinz plant and got a pickle pin.
92) ( ) Visited St. Anthony’s Chapel on Troy Hill.
93) (X ) Tailgated at a Steeler game.
94) ( ) Been to the County Airport.
95) ( X) Been to Storybook Forest.
96) (X ) Ice skated at PPG Place.
97) ( ) Went swimming at Dormont Pool.
98) ( ) Ate at Beto’s Pizza on Banksville Road.
99) ( ) Ate a fish sandwich at Wholey’s in the Strip.
100) ( X) Met either Myron Cope, Bob Prince, Bill Hillgrove or Mike Lange.  I met Brett Keisel.  That counts…right?

Brand New Year–Same Old Us

3 Jan

First off.  It’s a brand new year & I have made the executive decision that I am in need of a brand new blog.  So, TAH-DAH!  Here she is.  {Purdy, ain’t she?}

For a while now, I’ve been trying to learn the basics of HTML. And I’ve hated every. single. moment. I just don’t get it. I really should have paid attention during that high school computer class. A portion of my Barnes & Noble gift card that I received as a Christmas present even went towards this HTML infatuation. HTML in Easy StepsReally, Mike McGrath? Easy? I think not.  {Sigh.}  However, it is my 2011 resolution that I WILL learn at least the bare-bones-basics before 2012. (*See end of post for my other resolutions)

After completely ruining all of the cutesy-wootsy HTML code on our previous family blog (which I started while I was counting down the days until I would be un-pregnant), I was forced to revert to the ugly default settings.  I scoured the internet in hopes of finding a platform that would be 1.) easier to work with  2.) more tailored to my family/craft/creative/etsy/small business needs & 3.) would help teach me SOME kind of HTML coding forgoodnesssake!  Aha.  Hello, WordPress.  I think I ♥ you.    So, now… for my real post.

Ah, yes… it’s that time of year again.  Time for resolutions & goals.  I love making resolutions.  Keeping them?  Eh.  Not so much….  but this year–THIS year it’s going to be different… right?  Well, we’ll see.  I’ve already been sucking it up at keeping my “big” resolution, so I can’t promise much.  Here’s the list.

  1. (The Biggie) Take a photo every day.  It’s called a 365 project & I’ve been dyyyying to start one for months.  Tyler crossed my “most wanted” Christmas present off my list when this little baby showed up on my doorstep.  With a fancy new camera & a new year to kick off, I thought “YES!  This is the perfect time to start!”  And then 01/01/11 happened & I didn’t take a single photo.  Not one.  Way to start things off right, eh?  Well, perhaps we could fudge things a bit & count all the pictures I took on 01/02/11 as “New Years Photos.”  That wouldn’t be awful, would it?
  2. Lose Weight  (15 pounds to be exact).  Seriously, isn’t this everyone’s goal?  My baby weight’s been gone for a while now (praisethelord!) but, I’ll be the first to tell ya. Just because the scale tells you it’s gone, that does not in any way, shape or form mean that it’s really, truly gone.  To help motivate each other, the hub & I decided to compete in a “Biggest Loser-esque” type of challenge.  We weighed in on New Year’s Day (now, *that* would have been a photo op….) & we’ll be weighing in on a weekly basis to see who loses the most percentage of their body weight by May 25th (Hudson’s first birthday).  Wish me luck.  Well, Tyler has eaten three of the six  buttercream cupcakes that I got for my new Etsy endeavor (see Resolution #4 for more details).  Maybe I don’t need any luck.  :o)
  3. Get Organized.  When I was about 6 or 7, my mom wanted to have me tested because I was such a cluttery, mess of a child.  The school psychologist told her that my lack of organization was a sign of my above-average creativity.  (Try getting away with that one once you’re married… “Sorry the house is a wreck, Honey– but look at all these crafty things I’ve made!”  Okay, okay…I’ve totally used that line. Nevermind.)  In our “home office” as I like to call it, my desk is usually a disaster.  More often than not, it looks as though my entire life has thrown-up all over it.  And I’m working on it!  I promise!  But, this article may have me thinking that it doesn’t look so bad afterall.
  4. Take the Etsy world by stormOr just sell a whole bunch of stuff.  Whichever.  You’ve probably heard of my Etsy shop OhMyDot! (it’s on vacation mode for the moment–basically because I would have keeled over & died if I had to applique one more elf-shoe handtowel, but also because I’ve been wanting to start an all digital Etsy shop.  All digital, eh?  Yep.  All digital.  {Not that I don’t LOVE running like a mad-woman to the printery, then heading back home to cut everything out & package it, waiting in line at the post office to ship everything off –all the while lugging a cranky baby with me.}  Don’t worry, I’m still going to keep OMD! and all of its glory up & running.  But this new thing… it’s pretty….well, it’s pretty gosh darn swell.  It’s called “One Swell Studio” & I’m hoping (really, really hoping!) that it takes off.  DIY (Do It Yourself) Party Printables are seriously all-the-rage right now on Etsy.  They’re everywhere.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to become a competetor with the “big gals” who are kinda dominating the printables scene at the moment.  I love designing.  ♥Love it.♥  More than I ever thought I could.  And the best part is that I get to stay at home with the Bubbakins while I do it.  So, my business resolution for 2011 is to sell at least 100 items…. and selling #1 would be an excellent start.   :o)  (Oh, and, why did I need the cupcakes?  Photo shoot!)

Here’s to finding all the fabulousness 2011 has to offer!  Enjoy!