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Brand New Year–Same Old Us

3 Jan

First off.  It’s a brand new year & I have made the executive decision that I am in need of a brand new blog.  So, TAH-DAH!  Here she is.  {Purdy, ain’t she?}

For a while now, I’ve been trying to learn the basics of HTML. And I’ve hated every. single. moment. I just don’t get it. I really should have paid attention during that high school computer class. A portion of my Barnes & Noble gift card that I received as a Christmas present even went towards this HTML infatuation. HTML in Easy StepsReally, Mike McGrath? Easy? I think not.  {Sigh.}  However, it is my 2011 resolution that I WILL learn at least the bare-bones-basics before 2012. (*See end of post for my other resolutions)

After completely ruining all of the cutesy-wootsy HTML code on our previous family blog (which I started while I was counting down the days until I would be un-pregnant), I was forced to revert to the ugly default settings.  I scoured the internet in hopes of finding a platform that would be 1.) easier to work with  2.) more tailored to my family/craft/creative/etsy/small business needs & 3.) would help teach me SOME kind of HTML coding forgoodnesssake!  Aha.  Hello, WordPress.  I think I ♥ you.    So, now… for my real post.

Ah, yes… it’s that time of year again.  Time for resolutions & goals.  I love making resolutions.  Keeping them?  Eh.  Not so much….  but this year–THIS year it’s going to be different… right?  Well, we’ll see.  I’ve already been sucking it up at keeping my “big” resolution, so I can’t promise much.  Here’s the list.

  1. (The Biggie) Take a photo every day.  It’s called a 365 project & I’ve been dyyyying to start one for months.  Tyler crossed my “most wanted” Christmas present off my list when this little baby showed up on my doorstep.  With a fancy new camera & a new year to kick off, I thought “YES!  This is the perfect time to start!”  And then 01/01/11 happened & I didn’t take a single photo.  Not one.  Way to start things off right, eh?  Well, perhaps we could fudge things a bit & count all the pictures I took on 01/02/11 as “New Years Photos.”  That wouldn’t be awful, would it?
  2. Lose Weight  (15 pounds to be exact).  Seriously, isn’t this everyone’s goal?  My baby weight’s been gone for a while now (praisethelord!) but, I’ll be the first to tell ya. Just because the scale tells you it’s gone, that does not in any way, shape or form mean that it’s really, truly gone.  To help motivate each other, the hub & I decided to compete in a “Biggest Loser-esque” type of challenge.  We weighed in on New Year’s Day (now, *that* would have been a photo op….) & we’ll be weighing in on a weekly basis to see who loses the most percentage of their body weight by May 25th (Hudson’s first birthday).  Wish me luck.  Well, Tyler has eaten three of the six  buttercream cupcakes that I got for my new Etsy endeavor (see Resolution #4 for more details).  Maybe I don’t need any luck.  :o)
  3. Get Organized.  When I was about 6 or 7, my mom wanted to have me tested because I was such a cluttery, mess of a child.  The school psychologist told her that my lack of organization was a sign of my above-average creativity.  (Try getting away with that one once you’re married… “Sorry the house is a wreck, Honey– but look at all these crafty things I’ve made!”  Okay, okay…I’ve totally used that line. Nevermind.)  In our “home office” as I like to call it, my desk is usually a disaster.  More often than not, it looks as though my entire life has thrown-up all over it.  And I’m working on it!  I promise!  But, this article may have me thinking that it doesn’t look so bad afterall.
  4. Take the Etsy world by stormOr just sell a whole bunch of stuff.  Whichever.  You’ve probably heard of my Etsy shop OhMyDot! (it’s on vacation mode for the moment–basically because I would have keeled over & died if I had to applique one more elf-shoe handtowel, but also because I’ve been wanting to start an all digital Etsy shop.  All digital, eh?  Yep.  All digital.  {Not that I don’t LOVE running like a mad-woman to the printery, then heading back home to cut everything out & package it, waiting in line at the post office to ship everything off –all the while lugging a cranky baby with me.}  Don’t worry, I’m still going to keep OMD! and all of its glory up & running.  But this new thing… it’s pretty….well, it’s pretty gosh darn swell.  It’s called “One Swell Studio” & I’m hoping (really, really hoping!) that it takes off.  DIY (Do It Yourself) Party Printables are seriously all-the-rage right now on Etsy.  They’re everywhere.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to become a competetor with the “big gals” who are kinda dominating the printables scene at the moment.  I love designing.  ♥Love it.♥  More than I ever thought I could.  And the best part is that I get to stay at home with the Bubbakins while I do it.  So, my business resolution for 2011 is to sell at least 100 items…. and selling #1 would be an excellent start.   :o)  (Oh, and, why did I need the cupcakes?  Photo shoot!)

Here’s to finding all the fabulousness 2011 has to offer!  Enjoy!